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Wild things to do in Chelmsford

Wild things to do in Chelmsford

Chelmsford: fresh water paddles, wild swims and water hole plunges

A wooded glade beside the footpath, where the River Wid widens.
Arrive at either Hyland Park adjoining or park in St Mary’s Church (51.718847, 0.45097589) and walk to the river.
51.708133, 0.44967771
14 mins

A crossroads pool where the rivers Can and Wid join.
Park in Writtle and walk (or cycle) north east of the town on Lawford Lane (51.730683, 0.43236136) bridleway.
51.738308, 0.43993056
12 mins

A reedy section of the Chelmer to bathe in the shadow of Danbury Mount.
Park at Boreham about St Andrew’s Church (51.757488, 0.54307222) for a riverside walk and dip.
51.748687, 0.53790092
25 mins