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Essex dronesOur Essex drones are authorised by the Civil Aviation Authority for ops; part-funded by the UK's Department of Works and Pensions.

Inspections, 3D architecture, damage visuals, progress monitoring • golf course surveys, annual land grab checks • building site reviews, coastal erosion monitoring. Public sector, local government, private, corporate and SMEs. Our UK price guide – 10% off any Essex drones booked in September 2019.

Essex drones


Stephen Neale Drones and Media. Stephen Neale is a former BBC and newspaper journalist. He is also an award winning photographer and Bloomsbury author. Stephen's success is based around photography – today... images from the sky: Essex drones. He now helps others solve problems using the same techniques that have worked for him.

But it's not all about work. We have a lot of fun too. Whether it's building unique equipment, flight tests with our clients, or experimenting with the skills that might transfer or Frankenstein across as faster, cheaper applications to other sectors.

We particularly enjoy working with the larger corporate organisations. Let's see what we can achieve together – safely, creatively and smartly – pushing the envelope of one of the UK's fastest and most innovate industries.

Your business working with our Essex drones

If you've got an idea or want to try something new then call 07947 160007 to arrange a coffee or site visit. Essex drones are our day to day, but we can be anywhere within 24 hrs for the right reason. And when we're not flying and prepping... we write books about what we see, and host talks about drones and the great British outdoors. The Wild Essex around where Stephen and the rest of our team fly. 


Essex drones



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Essex drones


 • 25 years' media experience. Named on three separate occasions in House of Commons (Hansard) for campaigns success. Most recently helped four councils create 143 apprentice positions in 100 days. Multiple national and regional awards. One campaign received Best of... from Newspaper Society. © Stephen Neale Drones and Media – 2019