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I help people learn how to sell by showing them how to communicate through storytelling. It's the 'why' in you that convinces others of the value in 'what' you are saying and selling. Drones are a smart, new way to tell and sell.

I'm a CAA approved drone pilot, 3D immersive story teller, Bloomsbury author, and video editor.

This is my why. I was a BBC and newspaper journalist for 20 years. It was the best job in the world. Talking to people about their problems; framing those problems in stories and then publishing them. The rewarding part was finding a solution to a problem in their story. Typically, that was packaged inside a campaign. You know the sort of thing: Save Our Ancient Woodland; Child Needs £1m for Life Saving Op; Free Innocent Irene from Jail. There wasn't much celeb gossip and fake news back then. 

We worked to a formula: who? did what? where? when and why? Until traditional news withered on the vine of digital content. It was confusing coming to terms with that. Like a very slow, suffocating death. So I tried to break down what I valued most about my trade, because I didn't want to retrain as a tree surgeon, an IT consultant or postman.

It took some time, but it came down to this. My professional successes as a journalist were built on two power platforms – not Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook, but images and stories. And actually... over time, it dawned that digital media hadn't changed what was still important to problem solving. So now I work with 3D drone images, video editing and immersive story telling. Rather than pining for print campaigns, I specialise in producing and telling people's stories using drone footage, scanners and gimbles, framed by promos, ads and campaigns – combined with... yep, your own favourite social media channels.

I still do the stuff I've always loved most: still ask lots of questions; still get to hear people's stories; still get to fix people's problems around flagging campaigns or poor sales, but by injecting a combination of the old story telling skills, 3D digital and social media to amplify the story off the virtual page.

A video example will be landing here soon. Until then, take a look at this –


My prices start from £150 for a basic story line and video promo. Call me. Even if it's just to say hullo. Or to ask a question.

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For more detailed work and services, check out my UK price guide – there's 10% off any drone services booked in what's left of 2019. I'm authorised to trade commercially by the Civil Aviation Authority.

If you've got any questions or just want to cherry pick some ideas, that's fine too. Just call or email me today. No fee. It's a jungle out there. So happy to help.

And if you're a digital creator who doesn't have the time or the processing power to render and edit those largest video files, I can help there too, with a guaranteed 24hr turnaround. Prices from £200 a project.  



Essex drones



Essex drones


 • 25 years' media experience. Named on three separate occasions in House of Commons (Hansard) for campaigns success. Most recently helped four councils create 143 apprentice positions in 100 days. Multiple national and regional awards. One campaign received Best of... from Newspaper Society. © Stephen Neale Drones and Media – 2019