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Wild things to do in Castle Point

Wild things to do in Castle Point

Castle Point: bathe in warm creeks and mud baths, go crabbing, swim with seals, fish for bass.

The best beach in Essex is a 2 mile sand bank that rises on Canvey’s eastern tip at low water. 
Park in the street around Canvey Point (51.517262, 0.62291622), and cross Leigh Beck, onto the sands no later than 90 mins before low tide. Tidal knowledge and good swimmers only as extremely hazardous.
51.513710, 0.62956810
7 mins

Swim under the eye of common seals from this sandy spit next to Chapman Sands.
Allow at least 40 minutes if leaving from the shore at Southend next to the Crowstone (51.536499, 0.67713439). Mostly accessed by only the strongest swimmers who cross the Ray Channel an hour before low tide from the end of the cockle paths in neighbouring Southend.
51.519996, 0.69802344
20 mins

Britain’s warmest and most historic creek – the place where King Alfred defeated the Vikings at the Battle of Benfleet, in 894.
Walk the shoreline from Benfleet Station to Leigh Station. Alternatively, launch a kayak or canoe for free from Two Tree Island boat ramp (51.532515, 0.62656403) to explore or fish the creek on the incoming tide.
51.540677, 0.57764053
10 mins